Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today is the Day!

Elder Chanse Powell will return home TODAY!!!!

Join us at the Idaho Falls Airport to greet him at 8:40 pm

He'll also be speaking in the Hibbard 5th Ward this Sunday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wehave a new updated e mail system and I was forced to get a new account. My new address isn't too much different just shorter. It is Im doing very well we have two people that will be baptized on the 26th with probably more coming in April. We truly are being blessed. Its amazing how the Lord works if you put in the effort he rewards you but I am very much aware that its his harvest not mine. Im just blessed to have opportunities to meet great people and have neat expierences. Here are some people that you can pray specifically for. C, J, M, B, S, K ,M, and K. These are people that we are pretty excited about. Its been raining the last couple days here but we have some really nice weather coming up. Sunny skies and 60 degree weather oh how I love spring. It makes it easier to go out and work when its warm and sunny.

Elder Powell

Monday, February 15, 2010

Well hey proselyting is down and snow shoveling is up. So we had two storms over 18 inches hit us in a week period and another 6 inches are headed here today. Its crazy I dont ever remember this much snow in such a short amount of time. I kind of figured it out and between the two storms I shoveled for like 18 hrs haha. I was sore you bet getting stronger though. So halted a little bit in our progress but planted some good seeds. We have three overaged youth that we got the blessing of the ward council to go ahead and teach them. The parents arent stepping up but the ward realizes that these kids need better influences and the ward is commited to wrapping their arms around them. So ill keep ya posted hopefully we dont get buried in this next storm I love you all take care.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey everybody im doing well we are buried in over 18 inches of fresh fallen=snow with probably another 8 on the way. Needless to say we shoveled all s=aturday and church was canceled. Yea 10 hrs of shoveling snow takes quite a=toll on you haha im not feeling very well and im pretty sore. But it was g=reat getting amongst the people helping them out and planting seeds. Jan=d C arent especially progressing at the moment. Just stalling in th=eir progress mostly C. Shes a stresser and I think shes a little ov=erwhelmed but im not worried they will be fine maybe wont get baptized as q=uick as we might like but we will get them there. M and B are doi=ng well the part memeber family had a good lesson with them. Had to make po=sters to break it down real simple and it worked. they understood it well w=hich was great. M asked if she could hang on the poster and look over i=t. We want her to lead out more whereas lately her daughters are set=ting the example. We dont want the daughters to get baptized and then fall =away because of their mom. But gratefully the ward is stepping up and wrapp=ing their arms around the girls. Im doing well hope you all have a great we=ek and have a great valentines day. I love you all very much. In my studies=Ive been very impressed with the love our Savior has for us and the love f=or his Heavenly Father. Let us excercise more love for God as we make a fir=mer resolution to keep his commandments. Take care Elder Powell

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey everybody things are going well this will be short. J and C are doing well and we really appreciate the ward's involvement with them. Still waiting on the Bishop to finalize the marriage date then we will set them with a baptismal date. M H a PM came to church and that was great. Thank all for what you do. Here is a scripture to ponder Alma 31:5 let me know what you think?With LoveElder Powell

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey everybody things are going quite well. The baptism was great had alot of nonmemebers there. We were able to arrange a meeting for J and C to meet with the bishop to discuss them getting married. Its been amazing things have been falling into place. To be honest I thought it was going to be along process before we could help them buid up there faith but they are just pressing on. They desire to be baptized and we told them to discuss a date together for late Febuary early march so thats great. Theyve come to church three out of the last 4 sundays. Jay has grwon so much. When the Elders first initially starting teaching him and J he flat out said boys im Catholic and im staying that way. Well hes leading the charge now the spirit is definetly working on him. Ive really grown pretty close to them. We have some good potential coming up it remains to be seen if the people we are teaching will step up and keep commitments. For if we dont make commitments to change we cant grow and expierence greater happiness. Im doing well me and Elder James get along great. Something Ive really enjoyed with him is our scripture memorization. He is doing a good job picking up on them. Weve had some good role plays where we can both fine tune our teaching skills whic has been good. But Id encourage all of you to especially mindful of the people in Haiti and help out in whatever way you can. I continue to be amazed at the miracles the church is able to do in response to natural disasters. Let us all make a greater commitment to helping those in need and being more grateful for our blessings. Take care have a good week.With LoveElder Powell

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey everybody it was a great week. I am enjoying training but sometimes I feel inadequate. Lets just say I whish I were perfect haha. Nontheless we have had some good things go our way. But my trainee's name is Elder James from Missouri. Hes a real nice guy I like him hes kind of quiet but thats ok. We are excited that J. will be baptized this Friday at 7. He is a great kid and I told his dad hey in 11 yrs he will be going on mission I guess thats the fun part about baptizing younger children is the fact that they have alot of their life ahead of them and they have those great opportunities to look forward to such as seminary, and mission, and college at a church school, amd ultiametly marriage in the Temple. J and C are also doing well. They confirmed to us the fact that they want to be baptized. They have some things to overcome but the key is they are keeping their commitments and are enjoying their learning expierence. We found some pretty cool people this week and their is other positve things looming around but we will have to wait and see. I am so grateful to be a member of this church. I am so grateful for the blessed life that i have had. What a wonderful support system that I have. I hope you all have a great week and that you will seek to grow in your gospel knowledge.